Workplace Safety: Three Major Mistakes to Avoid

Workplace safety is something to be taken seriously. Not only is it a requirement by federal law, but it is also a part of doing business ethically. You want to ensure that your employees have a safe environment to work in because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s easy to excuse unsafe practices–especially if they save the company money or speed up workflow. However, doing so can have disastrous consequences that may last a lifetime.

Here are three major workplace safety mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1. Failing to Have Proper PPE.

Making sure that your employees have the equipment that they need is important. It’s even more important if that particular piece of equipment means the difference between life and death or health and injury. Unsafe working conditions start and end with what precautions are available to workers. Find a reliable PPE provider, ensure that your employees are properly trained, and keep all your equipment up to date and in good working order. Doing so will go a long way towards keeping your workplace safe.

2. Overlooking or Delaying Maintenance and Inspections.

Something is unsafe only if it fails inspection, right? Wrong. Even before a piece of equipment, system, or structure fails to pass inspection it’s unsafe long before it’s recognized. It might seem like delaying maintenance will save time and money, but it won’t. Overlooking inspections will only delay the inevitable and put your employees and/or patrons at risk.

3. Nonchalance in the Training Process.

Safety training should be taken seriously. Employees shouldn’t be rushed through the process and then thrown to the wolves. Care must be taken in ensuring that each employee is familiar with safety protocols and follows them to the letter. It’s even worse when management is cavalier about safety precautions. Set a positive tone for your team by taking workplace safety seriously.

Sun Group Partners takes workplace safety seriously. We are committed to providing you and your staff with the PPE and other equipment that will keep them safe from harm and will ensure that you are practicing proper workplace safety. We’ve been around long enough to know unsafe practices when we see them.

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