What Your Business Needs To Know About PPE

If you’re planning on running a successful business, you can’t avoid safety. Making sure that your employees have what they need to avoid injury is not only ethical but also helps boost your bottom line and goes a long way in creating a stable working environment for all involved.

To keep OSHA happy and your employees safe, here are a few things your business needs to know about PPE:

Have a Program in Place

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your workers have the PPE they need to practice proper safety precautions. How do you know exactly what you need? Think about the roles and responsibilities that every member of your staff fills throughout the day. Think about how their tasks might affect their body, lungs, head, hands, skin, and feet.

Stock up with what you need to keep your employees safe and then teach them how to use it. Having PPE on hand is of little use if it’s not used. Have a program in place to ensure that your staff knows when and how to use safety equipment.

Ensure that PPE is Maintained Properly

Having equipment that is faulty or in disrepair can often be more harmful than not having PPE at all. Defective equipment could provide a false sense of safety and security that could lead to more harm. Make sure that everything that is used is inspected at least twice a day, every day–when a worker puts it on and when they take it off. For single-use or disposable equipment, make sure that it is stored in an environment or at a temperature where it will not deteriorate.

Know What’s Required of You

According to OSHA, it’s the responsibility of every business to ensure that their staff has the PPE required to safely execute their responsibilities. This means you either need to supply PPE for your employees or financially compensate them in order to obtain it for themselves–and then ensure it’s used. One of the best ways to make sure that you have exactly what you need is to work with Sun Group Partners to source the specific pieces of equipment that you need to keep your workers safe.

Have questions about where to find the right PPE for your business? Sun Group Partners has the experience necessary to know exactly what you need. Call us today for a consultation!