What PPE Should You Be Using Against the Omicron Variant?

Although the worst of the coronavirus pandemic may be over, the virus is still out there. Therefore, it’s as important as ever that we do everything we can to prevent its spread.

Why Is PPE Important?

The Omicron virus, a strain of coronavirus that was found overseas, is one of the most transmissible and deadly strains. And although 193 million people in America are fully vaccinated, this doesn’t mean that they can’t catch the virus.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are protected while they’re at work. Not only can this prevent them from getting ill, but it can also ensure that your business doesn’t have to close down due to staff in quarantine.

Despite coronavirus infection numbers falling, it’s still important that we all do everything we can to protect ourselves and our workforce from the virus. If you’re wondering exactly what PPE you and your employees should be using on a day to day basis, here is a list of everything you need to protect yourself and your staff:



Masks are, undoubtedly, the most important piece of PPE, and almost everyone in the world will have worn one to stop the spread of the virus. Masks cover your face and nose and can stop the spread of the virus as it prevents the coronavirus RNA from entering the air around you. No matter the industry you work in, a mask is an essential piece of PPE. Provide free masks to your employees and encourage them to wear a new one daily.


If you work in an environment where you are regularly touching surfaces, products or you’re helping patients or elderly people, gloves are a necessity, and they must be regularly changed. If you have COVID or you are in close contact with someone who has it, wearing gloves and changing them regularly can help ensure that you do not spread the virus even further.

Sanitizing Wipes

75% alcohol sanitizing wipes are designed to kill viruses on surfaces. If you work at a shared desk, regularly handle products, or just want to make sure that the area you are sitting in is COVID-19 free, sanitizing wipes are the easiest way to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure you and your employees are safe while at work.

Provide Free PPE to Your Employees

Whether you work in the healthcare industry, retail, or in an office, it is your responsibility to provide effective PPE to staff so that they can work without the fear of catching coronavirus. If you’re looking for a company with prominence, character, experience, and dedication, trust Sun Group Partners for all of your PPE needs. We have over 40 years of experience in the provision of PPE and can help you ensure that your staff members are safe while they’re working.

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