Top 3 Things to Know About the PPE Crisis Now

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the surge in demand for PPE placed a huge burden on the supply. Many hospitals and similar facilities had trouble locating the equipment they needed, especially the N95 masks heralded by the media. Though supply chains have caught up to a degree, there’s still an ongoing PPE crisis. Businesses and facilities–especially those in rural and impoverished areas–are still on the lookout for a reliable supplier for their PPE needs.

Here are the top 3 things you need to know about this ongoing crisis:

1. Facilities and communities that serve the most vulnerable populations are still struggling to get the equipment they need.

Organizations like Get Us PPE have found that, while supplies were evenly split during the early months of the pandemic, the organizations that are still searching for a reliable chain of PPE serve the homeless, victims of natural disasters, and school-aged children. Smaller hospitals and organizations that don’t have the financial leeway of larger institutions need ongoing assistance.

2. Corruption, greed, and mismanagement are partly to blame.

Even in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, cash is king. Unethical suppliers arbitrarily raise prices in order to profit on the surge in demand, even if doing so means ostracizing smaller organizations who desperately need help. In many ways, a health crisis has become an ethical crisis due to the mismanagement and corruption of some PPE suppliers.

3. The sale and purchase of PPE have become more complex.

Due to all the corruption and lack of supply, finding a reliable, ethical source for PPE has become increasingly difficult. In many ways, the system is fraught with complications that make it difficult to secure even the simplest items.

Fortunately, Sun Group Partners is committed to honest, ethical principles and will take the guesswork out of sourcing the PPE that you and your staff need. We’re committed to lowering the barriers that prevent you from securing the equipment you’re missing and providing excellent customer service along the way.

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