The Sun Group Partnership with Salocor LLC

The Salocor POC COVID-19 antigen test was designed to detect the nucleocapsid protein antigen from the COVID-19 virus in nasopharyngeal swabs. This antigen is typically detectable in nasopharyngeal specimen swabs during the infection’s acute phase. The presence of these viral proteins indicates that you may be infected with this virus and most likely are contagious. These test kits are FDA EUA authorized, meaning they are authorized for use under certain criteria. The tests provide visual, easy-to-interpret results in 10 minutes and also come in individual buffer vials with sterile swabs to simultaneously test multiple individuals.

About Salocor LLC

Based out of Mount Laurel, NJ, Salocor LLC focuses on its leading product, known as POC COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, approved in the U.S. for emergency use. The kits are made based on Finnish healthcare technology's highest standards, in Salo, Finland by a company called Salofa Oy.


The Partnership Between Salocor and Sun Group Partners

It was Salocor’s commitment to offering COVID-19 POC test kits at competitive pricing that made Sun Group want to collaborate with the company to distribute their product. In contrast, the main reason why Salacor found Sun Group ideal for distributing its product is that they have a similar business philosophy and core principles. Sun Group specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and importing high-quality products, thus making Salocor a fitting partner for POC tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the Salocor COVID-19 test has not been cleared or approved by the FDA in the United States, the FDA has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). This means the tests can only be used in a situation when specific criteria are met.

While positive results are highly likely to be accurate, negative results should be confirmed by following up with a PCR test. Rapid tests are more effective from one to five days later after symptoms begin. They are also most accurate with high viral loads. Therefore, some experts believe that a negative test result could mean you are less likely to be contagious.

The COVID-19 rapid test detects the nucleocapsid internal RNA-binding protein. This viral protein is generally easier to detect since it is more conserved as it mutates more infrequently than the spike protein.

While early reports suggested delayed and decreased sensitivity in detecting the omicron variant using at-home antigen tests compared to PCR tests, a new study shows these reports to be overstated. In fact, a new analysis suggests that an at-home antigen test performs somewhat better in detecting the omicron variants, as opposed to the delta variant, with a molecular PCR test within 48 hours of a positive test result.

Order Salocor POC COVID-19 Tests

You can now order Salocor POC COVID-19 rapid antigen tests through Sun Group Partners. Follow the link below to order, or for more information, click on the Salocor product page.

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