Reducing Risk of Contracting Infections by Wearing Nitrile Gloves

Disposable nitrile exam gloves are the most common style of gloves to find in a chemical lab. Their chemical resistance, tear resistance, and low cost make them an exceptional choice. But are nitrile gloves proper, or just a fad?

If you’re looking into nitrile exam gloves, we’re here to help. Here are the primary ways nitrile gloves can help you avoid contracting infections.

What Makes Nitrile Gloves Effective?

Is there anything that makes nitrile gloves more effective than others? Why use nitrile gloves over latex or neoprene?

So long as you have something to prevent injury and infection, you’re in a good spot. Safety and caution in any medical or professional setting are crucial. Here are the main benefits of nitrile gloves over others.

More Flexible

Gloves like latex or neoprene are sometimes rigid. Due to this, they provide more thorough protection. They’re also more resistant to scratching or breaking than nitrile gloves, particularly low-quality ones.

However, in return, these gloves are less flexible. The wearer may have difficulty articulating their fingers properly or using precise tools.

Nitrile gloves are thinner, helping you maintain your mobility. Such a factor is vital in many delicate situations.

High Protection

Despite being thinner, nitrile gloves still provide excellent protection. They can protect against most liquids and chemicals. Harsh chemicals may get through, but the gloves give enough of a barrier for you to deal with the situation.

Many infections are carried by liquid, especially in a medical setting. You may also wear nitrile gloves while cleaning a dirty or infectious area. The gloves’ barrier will prevent infectious material from contacting your hands.

Easy to Use

Much protective equipment can feel difficult or complex. Nitrile gloves are easy to find, use, and keep track of.

Nitrile gloves are sold in a box by the hundreds and are relatively cheap. Proven to be more resistant to chemicals and abrasion than vinyl gloves, your only task is to tug them on.

They’re also often ambidextrous, meaning you don’t have to search for a right and left glove. Because of this, you can grab any two gloves in a pinch and throw them on.

Nitrile gloves are also disposable, meaning you can tug them off and toss them away after using them. Disposability helps keep the transmission of any infectious material low. By being easy to remove and destroy, these gloves help eliminate contamination.

Using Nitrile Exam Gloves

Nitrile exam gloves are low-cost, resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and work wonderfully for people with latex allergies. If you’re working with chemicals or infectious material, a box of nitrile gloves is crucial in your workplace. Ensure you have somewhere safe to remove any used or contaminated nitrile gloves.

For more information on the proper work practices with gloves, contact us. You can also browse our stock of different gloves to see what style best fits your purpose.