Protecting Your Employees With High-Quality Safety Products

As an employer, one of your primary responsibilities is to make sure that your employees are safe when at work. After all, you are responsible for the health of your workers when in the workplace, and this has only become more important throughout the pandemic. An infection can spread from one employee across the rest of your company and harm more than just your employees; it could shut down an entire branch of your business. Read on to find out more about just a few of the tools you can use to protect your business, and what they can do to ensure the health of your employees in the long run.


Facemasks have become a standard part of day-to-day life with them being required indoors in public spaces. Designed to catch pathogens and stop them from infecting others, the facemask has long been at the heart of the medical profession but has now found itself extending to become a vital part of workwear for many different industries. Whether you’re a restaurant server working to deliver food to hundreds of guests a night, or you’re part of a hotel’s turnover team making sure a room is completely clean, customer service staff have become much more used to working in masks to protect others. By wearing them consistently you and your team can keep those around you safe and secure.


Alcohol wipes

A safety product that has gone somewhat under the radar amongst a significant amount of hype around masks throughout the pandemic, the alcohol wipe can play a vital role in ensuring continuing hygiene. Whilst a facemask can ensure that airborne particles don’t cause damage, people still touch tables, chairs, and any machinery they are working with. By thoroughly sweeping every surface and wiping it down with an alcohol wipe, you can make sure that the threat of infection through surface bacteria is as minimal as possible.

Nitrile gloves

A final tool in the health and safety cabinet throughout the pandemic, and likely beyond, has been the use of nitrile gloves. Whether powdered or powder-free, nitrile gloves offer a vital layer of two-way protection, preventing your employees from coming into contact with infections through their hands whilst also protecting your customers from potential illnesses. These are ideal in any workplace with in-person contact is unavoidable, such as in beauty salons and the medical industry. Nitrile gloves protect your company from liability as well, acting as a sign that you’re doing all you can to make sure that all of your staff and customers are looked after when working together.

Sun Group Partners is a PPE provision company that can work in support of a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re in retail and want your employees to be able to interact with your customers, or your federal government building is in need of PPE to keep in-person meetings viable, you can get in touch with the Sun Group Partners LLC team today and find out what we can do to match your specific PPE needs.