It’s Important You Use PPE In The Workplace – Here’s Why

Smart employers know that personal protective equipment, or PPE, is a must-have in any workplace. From face masks to gloves, protective gear plays a key role in defending workers against potential hazards and health risks. In the time of COVID-19, it’s more vital than ever to take every precaution to preserve the safety of workers and customers alike. 

Read on to find out 5 reasons why it’s so important that you use PPE in the workplace.

1. It Prevents Contagion. 

COVID-19 is spread through direct contact with airborne particles, as well as surfaces that have been contaminated with these particles. PPE works to prevent this by protecting the parts of the body most prone to transmission and most vulnerable to infection. Face masks like the N95 NIOSH Masks safeguard the nose and mouth, while nitrile and vinyl gloves improve hand hygiene. Together, they stop infection in its tracks before it can go on to claim more lives. 

2. It Saves Against Losses. 

Investing in PPE for your workplace is a wise financial move. Employee illness can be costly for themselves and for employers, and the best way to avoid being slapped by fees is prevention. Otherwise, you could be saddled with worker’s compensation, sick pay, and even litigation costs. Meanwhile, employees may face exorbitant medical bills even as they are forced to take time off to recover and seek treatment, so take action early and use PPE to preserve the safety of your workers and the productivity of your company.


3. It Maximizes Productivity. 

PPE doesn’t just save you from monetary losses. It can also save your company a significant amount of time and effort. When workers take time off for treatment and recovery, the leave of absence can be difficult and stressful for companies to work around. It may mean scrambling to hire and train new workers, all without the help of trusted talent. By preventing illness from affecting your workers in the first place, PPE saves you the headache of these concerns. 

4. It Increases Customer Trust. 

When workers use personal protective equipment like masks, gloves, and screen guards, it sends the message to customers that your workplace is held to a high standard of safety and responsibility. That increases customer trust, satisfaction, and likelihood to return. Plus, the sight of PPE being used by workers will remind customers to put on their own PPE and practice protective measures like social distancing in kind. It’s a virtuous cycle of respect and mutual trust. 

5. It Increases Workplace Morale. 

Supplying workers with PPE shows that you care about their safety and wellbeing. It tells employees that the company prioritizes them as its most important asset. Employees will feel more confident to safely interact with each other and with customers, leading to a happier and healthier workplace for all. In the time of COVID-19, nothing can be more powerful. 

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