Who Uses SGP PPE?

Our professional-grade products are the perfect option for hundreds of businesses and practices across the US, including PPE and Salocor COVID-19 tests.



Every PPE item we produce at SGP is designed to meet hospital-grade standards. That means our PPE is fully approved and tested to be safe for even at-risk, frontline staff in hospital settings. Every pair of gloves and N95 mask is created to exacting standards, keeping medical staff safe 24/7.

Surgical Centers

With medical-grade quality, all PPE we create is designed to be suitable for use in an operating theatre and pre-and post-surgical purposes. With a focus on quality, hygiene, and practicality, our comfortable PPE and Salocor COVID-19 tests meet the exacting standards of US surgical centers effortlessly.

salocor tests

Government Entities

From public-facing roles to those working in offices and out on the street, our PPE is designed to be multi-functional and fit for purpose. From alcohol wipes to gloves to N95 masks, every item of PPE we produce keeps Government staff safe no matter what their role.


Protecting retail staff is a vital part of what our PPE does. Every glove and mask we produce can withstand physical work and long shifts to keep your employees as safe as possible, reducing their risk and improving hygiene in the process.


School Districts

Our masks, gloves, and Salocor COVID tests are well-suited for use within schools, from administrative staff to educators. Designed to improve safety and enhance sanitation, everything we create is designed to withstand the daily requirements placed on workers in the school districts.

Senior Living Facilities

For the individuals most at risk of illness, having proper PPE for staff is essential. SGP's PPE holds the highest possible professional standards, allowing for medical-grade precision at an affordable cost for care homes and senior living facilities.


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