How Are Face Masks Effective During the Pandemic

As of 2021, face masks have become ubiquitous. Most cities and states have ordinances in place requiring them when you enter businesses or other indoor facilities. Even on the street or outdoors, masks are not uncommon. 

As much as any other practice, masks have helped communities slow the spread of COVID-19 and, thereby, have eased the burden of a constant influx of patients on medical facilities. Even with all of the positive data surround masks and their use, many people fail to take this simple precaution to protect others. 

If you’re wondering how effective masks are during the current pandemic, this might help: 

Mask mandates have led to a slowdown in the daily COVID growth rate in 15 states and the District of Columbia. Continued use slowed the growth rate by up to 2% after three weeks. Masks have been shown to be so effective that research suggests that if 80% of the population routinely wore them it would be as successful in slowing the spread of the virus as a strict lockdown. 

If 95% of the population had worn masks leading up to October 1st, 2020, roughly 33,000 deaths could have been avoided

The reason that masks are so effective is two-fold: they slow the transmission of the virus by those who are infected and they promote a sense of seriousness that translates into other positive practices. 

As early as April 2020, news organizations were touting the effectiveness of masks. This news segment does a great job at highlighting its effectiveness. 

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