Everything You Need to Know About OTC Covid Tests

The World Health Organization has documented 542,188,789 reported COVID-19 cases in 2022. These figures come from countries around the globe. 

COVID-19 does not have the same prominence it held in 2020, but it remains easy to spread. Individuals who show signs of COVID should take the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe from infection. 

One of the best ways to do this is with OTC COVID tests. The FDA has authorized these as viable self-testing methods for people to use at home.

If you’re unsure how these tests work, don’t worry! We’ll cover the essential information you need in this guide. Let’s get started right away!

What Is an OTC COVID Test? 

OTC stands for over-the-counter. You can purchase these home tests from your local pharmacy without a prescription. 

If you’re wondering how to get an OTC COVID test, don’t worry. In many cases, you can find them online and pick up the test at your local pharmacy inside your car. 

Once you receive the test, you’ll perform the entire testing procedure manually. This includes collecting the sample, performing the test, and reading the result. 

Types of Tests

OTC Covid Tests

There are two primary types of COVID tests you can perform at home. First, there’s the DIY test that rapidly diagnoses whether you have COVID. 

These tests usually cost around $20. Once you get them, you’ll swirl a cotton swab inside your nostril. Then, you’ll use the test strip in the kit to read the results. 

These tests generally search for antigens to identify COVID’s presence. Antigens are a type of protein that indicates infection.

Rapid tests can identify antigens and use that information to judge whether you have COVID. Usually, this is a reliable test that yields fast results. However, it is possible to receive false results. 

Another test you can take at home is an antibody test. In this case, you’ll take this test after your COVID diagnosis. 

The antibody test requires you to prick your finger at home and collect a blood sample. Then, you’ll submit this sample to a lab.

The lab examines your blood to detect antibody counts. These counts can help you gauge how well your body will resist COVID.  

When to Test for COVID

You may wonder when you should test for COVID. After all, many COVID symptoms overlap with symptoms from other conditions. 

Often, it’s best to test for COVID whenever you have symptoms that could indicate this sickness. These include coughing, congestion, etc.

Testing can help you narrow down what sickness you may have. This way, you can verify what treatment to seek. 

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