Unlock the power of precise diagnostics with our cutting-edge medical products. We understand that accurate and timely diagnoses are at the heart of quality healthcare. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of diagnostics tools designed to empower medical professionals and improve patient outcomes.

Diagnostics Manufacturing

Diagnostic manufacturing products are essential tools used in the creation of medical tests and devices that aid in identifying diseases and health conditions. These products encompass a wide range of components, reagents, and materials necessary for producing accurate and reliable diagnostic tests. They play a crucial role in the healthcare industry by enabling the creation of tests for conditions such as infections, genetic disorders, and chronic diseases.

Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent

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Rapid Extract

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Viral Transport Medium, is a specialized solution designed to preserve and transport delicate biological samples, particularly viral specimens, for diagnostic testing. This liquid medium provides a controlled environment that maintains the viability of viruses during transit, ensuring accurate test results. VTM plays a crucial role in modern healthcare, enabling safe and efficient transportation of samples from the collection site to the laboratory.


A dried blood collection kit is a comprehensive package designed for the convenient and hygienic collection of blood samples. This kit typically includes specialized materials like absorbent cards or strips that allow blood to be spotted and dried for analysis. It provides a user-friendly method for collecting blood in settings where traditional venipuncture might be challenging or unavailable. Dried blood collection kits are especially useful for remote testing, research, and screenings, offering a simple and reliable way to gather crucial diagnostic information.

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