A Guide to Selecting Sanitizer Wipes For Your Facility

When it comes to PPE, selecting sanitizer wipes for your facility might fall further down the list than many other items. You might want to reconsider. Infection and sickness due to unsanitary conditions can be just as harmful to your employees and customers as any other form of preventable harm.

sanitizer wipes

On top of that, sanitizing wipes continue to gain popularity and have become a mainstay for businesses committed to keeping their facilities clean.

Looking for sanitizer wipes for your facility? Here are a few things to consider:

Why Wipes?

Most businesses used to get by with spray bottles and cloths, but disposable sanitizing wipes have all but replaced the once pervasive cleaning solution. Disinfecting or sanitizing wipes are easy to use. They don’t require much if any, training on how to be implemented and lower the intellectual barrier of entry. There’s no mixing, no additional chemicals, and no complicated processes. This makes using sanitizer wipes less complicated and more time-effective than other cleaning methods.

Get the (Right) Job Done

You need to know what’s in your sanitizer wipes. Avoid chemicals like isopropyl alcohol, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide. Using wipes with harmful chemicals can cause damage to your equipment, lead to costly repairs, and endanger your customers, clients, and staff.

Instead, opt for a tailored sanitizing solution that meets the cleaning requirements unique to your situation. Fitness centers are prone to MRSA, ringworm, and staph. On the other hand, restaurants are more likely to encounter E. Coli, listeria, and campylobacter. Thanks to the EPA, each sanitizing wipe is tested against their kill claims. Know the bacterial threats for your industry and choose a sanitizing wipe accordingly.

Knowing what a particular sanitizing wipe kills is only half the battle. Think about Dwell Time, the amount of time it takes for the sanitizer to effectively do its job. Most EPA-registered disinfectants have a dwell time (or kill time) between 2-12 minutes. For high contact surfaces, find a sanitizer wipe with a shorter dwell time to avoid bacterial spread.

Other Things to Consider

You want to select sanitizer wipes that work for your facility–not just chemically but financially as well. When calculating costs, be sure to inquire about the wipe count. That way you’ll be able to correctly estimate the actual amount you’ll incur every month.

Quality matters. Make sure that the wipes you select won’t tear or shred and will be able to clean your surfaces thoroughly.

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